The News About Drug Possession

Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Crimes | 2 comments

click hereWhen it comes to drug possession charges, whether you are guilty of these charges or not, the implications they can have on your life can be very destructive. You could lose your job, cripple your personal relationships, and even find yourself struggling to find a place to live. Fortunately, for anyone facing a drug possession charge, there are things that you can do to fight these charges and clear your good name.

Anyone found in possession of any illegal controlled substance can be charged with drug possession. There are varying degrees of penalties that individuals found in possession of a controlled substance can face, and one of the best things that those charged with drug possession can do is to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer to help ensure that their rights and interests are appropriately protected. An experienced attorney will evaluate the following points of your arrest, and from there, will help you to devise the strongest defense possible in an attempt to have you cleared of all charges, or at least have the charges against you reduced in severity:

  1. If you have past criminal records, and what these charges were,
  2. The amount of drugs you possessed,
  3. What type of illegal drug you were caught with,
  4. Other illegal drugs that you had in your person

Often, penalties depend on state laws, and how much of the substance you had in your possession at the time of the arrest, and which drug you are accused of possessing. Simple misdemeanor charges can be given to a person who was charged with marijuana possession if they had less than an ounce in their possession, but in some state the penalty can be heavier, especially when they are put in separate packages which could indicate possible plans for distribution. Additionally, charges and associated penalties are often considerably worse for those with prior arrests.

Charges connected to drug possession can stain your reputation for a long time, even if you have nothing to do with the illegal drugs found in your possession.  Once charged with such a crime, make sure you secure the experienced legal representation you need in order to avoid any mistakes that could have devastating effects on the outcome of your case and your future opportunities.

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