The Role of a Court Reporter

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A court reporter is someone who transcribes spoken or recorded speech during or after court cases and hearings, depositions, and many other types of legal proceedings. They are also sometimes called court stenographers because of the equipment that they use, the stenograph. They can serve a number of clients, from private law firms to government agencies and courts, and even trade associations and meeting planners.

Court reporting can be a very lucrative job, as there are many opportunities that cater to this type of work. If you want to become a court reporter, there are many schools that offer either technical or vocational training.  There is even an association called The National Court Reporters Association which supports and lists schools credited in training and offering high quality court stenography programs. However, different states have different requirements for court reporters, so it’s wise to know what your state requires in order to get employment fast.

Technological advances give way to many options in court reporting, which is why most court reporting education includes training in both stenography as well as voice writing software. Along with these types of training, classes in English language proficiency are a must, as basic grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation is necessary for the job. Court reporters are also required to learn legal terminology, and some even learn general transcription in order to broaden their scope to medical transcribing.  Some states require their court reporters to be notaries, who can legally certify their transcripts as exact accounts of what was said in court proceedings.

Court reporting is not only important for the justice system, it also a great help in any business that requires closed-captioning. With all of these factors in mind, it is clear that court reporting is a career field with great potential for many individuals. It is important for court reporters to be well-versed in law and different types of litigations. Firms such as Stratos Legal, a Houston court reporting service, have veteran reporters that are experienced in all phases of litigation.

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