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According to a recent study by the New York Times, there are very real benefits to enrolling your children in music lessons at a young age. For every one of us who was forced to sit through piano lessons every other day for years of our childhood, there may be some very tangible benefits and vindication for our oh-so-overbearing parents.

Studies show that individuals who were enrolled in music lessons (for even as little as two years) showed enhanced brain responses to sound than those who did not have any formal music training. This is encouraging news for individuals who wish to make sure that their children have a solid foundation in the arts, as well as discipline and focus that comes with regular music lessons.

While some parents may wish to hire in-home music tutors, many professional recording studios also offer music lessons to young students. The benefits of these studios are often clear…your child can learn to play an instrument by a professional musician, and often can practice the louder instruments (think drums and electric guitars) in a soundproofed studio…a much better option than your home’s living room or dining room!


  1. 7-1-2013

    My own children are currently taking music lessons. My son is especially keen on the harpsichord.

  2. 7-1-2013

    I strongly believe that music lessons are extremely beneficial for children. It’s sad that with all the budget cuts in schools, music problems are the first to go.

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