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When a person buys a product, they should be able to expect that it will be safe to use it reasonably, as intended, or as advertised. This is why they gave their hard-earned dollars to its manufacturer. This is because manufacturers are responsible for the safety of their products as well as the accuracy of their advertising campaigns.

Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers fail to exercise the proper amount of oversight and produce products that are dangerous, have some sort of defect, or malfunction. When this happens, customers can fall victim to serious injuries through no fault of their own.

product liabilityProducts that are defective or do not work as they should are dangerous, and their manufacturers can be held liable for the injuries they cause. Some examples of product liability include:

  • Mispackaged or contaminated food
  • Automobiles with defective brakes or airbags
  • Toys that present a choking hazard
  • Products that cannot be safely used as advertised

Defective products are often recalled quickly, but it is difficult for manufacturers to perform recalls before someone suffers an injury. Consumers should keep an eye on recall lists to make sure the items they purchase are safe to use.


  1. 7-1-2013

    Back when I was still in business, I had to be extremely careful about the quality of my products. Even minor errors in production can have serious consequences for customers.

  2. 7-2-2013

    Thank you for the post. I feel as though families, especially ones with small children are in danger because of all the recalls.

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